TEL:(215) 918 - 2298 FAX:(215) 918 - 2296
377 easton rd., warrington, PA, 18976
(Creekview Shopping Center near Target and Lowe's)


Mystery Dining Score
Decor & Atmosphere Total: 95.00%
Cleanliness & Sanitation Total: 100.00%
Service Total: 100.00%
Food Total: 100.00%
Bottom Line: 100.00%
Experience: Great


Decor & Atmosphere
Mystery Diner Comment: The interior was clean, well maintained and enticing in its overall appearance and feel.

Cleanliness & Sanitation
Mystery Diner Comment: All of the staff members I observed were neat and professional in their appearance. I did not see any poor hygiene during my visit.

Mystery Diner Comment: My order taker was upbeat, personable and professional in his demeanor, and I was made to feel welcome by his swift greeting.

Mystery Diner Comment: The General Tso’s Chicken was attractively presented, smelled fresh and tasted wonderful. The chicken was cooked to perfection, and the dish was full of flavor. The Pepper Steak and Onions was fantastic. It was cooked beautifully, well spiced and of the right temperature.

The Bottom Line
Mystery Diner Comment: It was my first time visiting the establishment, and I loved the food and planned to return again myself.
About Mystery Dining: It is the most important component for Top. 100 Chinese Restaurants in USA award selection. This in-field real time anonymous assessment is done by a leading mystery shopping service company, About Face Corp.

Talk of Town
Two Consecutive Years(2010 & 2011)
Excellence in Customer Satisfaction
As Rated by Customers Online

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